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Hair extensions and


All hair extentions,  hair fillers and enhancers require a consultation appointment.  Each hair solution is

catered to your individual need. 


​Below is a list of solutions to your hair concerns.

Hair fillers for lengthing.................30mins

Hair fillers for thickening.................30mins

Hair fillers for a birst of color........30mins

Organic  full Highlights with hair extentions.

Organically change your tone of color.

No length change just thickening w/ extentions.

Longer and fuller extentions.

​Need a hair solution to cover the missing hair on your scalp.

Need help covering a thin Cowlick.

Need your bangs and the crown of your head thicker.

Rebecca's extensions extended length and thicknes

Lorraine's has increased her fullness with hairdreams extensions and enhancer.

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